Sacrificial anodes for sea waterare usually made of special zinc or aluminium alloys. For use in fresh water
Magnesium anodes are needed.They have a higher
driving voltage.We offer the following types.
Mercury:- 31640 (also for Honda), 43994,
55989, 76214, 806189,
821629, 821630, 806105
and 806190.
Volvo:- 832598, 852835,
875821, 875815-3 (CMV18)
OMC:- 123009, 984513. 327606
Yamaha:- 664-45371-01 (also for Honda),
688-45371-02, 6J9-45371-00.
Shaft:- 20mm 25mm 35mm 1 1/2"

Hull anodes:- Divers-dream and
Mini Divers-dream. D4M disc
Z15B-M, Z3B-M, Z13M, Z20&39M,

Do not use in salt water for more
than 5% of the time. Excessive
consumpton and paint damage can result.
The Wt. of Mg. anodes is given
net. The gross weight includes
the steel insert
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