Overseas Carriage and packing charges.
Anodes are heavy in relation to value and as a result
are sometimes very expensive to ship. Least favourable are zinc hull anodes. Aluminum versions are recommended. They are better value, last
longer and cost less to ship. Magnesium fresh water anodes are good

Air mail Small Packets are best. To Europe they cost about £6 for 500g, £9.30 for 1Kg. and £15 for 2Kg. (including VAT)
But the maximum weight is 2.0 Kg (4.5lb)

Parcels to Europe ( cost from £40 to £45 for 3Kg, £55 to £65 for 10Kg
Rates elsewhere are £45 to £55 for 3Kg, and £80 to £120 for 10Kg.according to destination. Maximum weight is usually 20 Kg
Parcels sent by air are available at higher cost..
Consignments by carrier will usually be at lower cost.

It is quicker and sometimes cheaper to send two or three 2Kg. air mail packets rather than one surface parcel. . . . . . Home