Additional engine pencil anodes.
Manufacturers fit a variety of different bushes with
various threads on the outside to screw into the engine.

They also use different threads or a press fit to retain
the replacement anodes.
Some anodes are also shorter than usual because
there is not enough space inside the engine.

If your bush has a tapered pipe thread (NPT) without a washer it is likely
to take a standard anode with inexpensive die cast unc threads.
If your bush has a washer it will probably be metric and have a metric thread
on the anode. In this case we can supply anodes machined from rod stock The necessary information is the body diameter, the body length, the additional
length of thread and the thread description. ( for example 7/16" unf or 10mm)

The following list describes some of the anodes and bushes used by various manufacturers. It could help identify the part you need. Ask for advice if you
need to replace a pressed in anode.

Aifo. Anodes pressed into 12,16,18 or 28mm bush
. . with 1.5mm pitch thread.
BMW. 3/8" unc anode. Use standard CME-1Z
Boudouin. 20 x 45 anode, 8mm thread, 24 x 1.5 bush
Bukh. 12 x 35 with 5mm insert. 18 x 1.5 bush. Some
. . can take CME-1Z or CME-0 if reduced in length.
Beta. Bush could be 1/4" BSP (tapered) with a pressed in anode. Use our
. . bush CME-0BSP and CME-0/20 screw in anode.
Caterpillar. Various lengths and diameters. 1/4, 5/16,
. . 3/8, 3/4" unc, but also 7/16 and 5/8" unf.
. . For 3208 use 3/8 x 1.5" with 1/4" thread and 5/8 x 2.5" with 3/8" thread
Cummins. 6, 16mm, 3/8" unc, 7/16" unf
. . For Mercury MCM D1.7L (Isuzu) use CME2 bush and CME2/32 anode
Ford. Press fit but CME-00 or CME-3 can be used.
General Motors. Standard 3/8 or 5/8" unc. Some 7/16"
Isotta fraschini. 20 x 33.5mm with 18mm thread.
Lombardini. As for Ford. press fits are 8.5,10,12mm
Mercury. 14 x 33, 10mm thread. 18 x 1.5 metric bush.
some bushes are NPT with 7/16" unc or unf threads.
Mercruiser D636 intercooler is 15 x 20 with 8mm thread as VW below
. . . . . . . . .but others with 10mm thread CMEKP £7.92

Mitsubishi. 34 x 30mm with m8 insert.
Nanni Mercedes. Press fit, 10,14, or 26mm diameter.
Onan. Press fit but some are m8 or 3/8" unc
Renault. Press fit into 18 x 1.5 bush.
Ruggerini. 20 x 23mm, press fit.
Scania. 16 x 45 with m6 insert or 12mm fine thread.
VM. 14 x 20 or 40mm, m8 thread. 18 x 1.5 bush.
VW. 15 x 20mm long, 8mm thread x 9mm CMEVW £7.92
Volvo. See standard anodes; also 16.5 x 13, 5/16" unc
Yamaha. 19 x 39, m8 thread: also 3/8"dia with 3/8 unc
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