Yanmar GM series engine anodes are
screwed into the bush with an 8mm thread
(But see below for 4LHA, 6LP, 6LPA, 6LYA 6LY2)

Fits 2GM20,3GM30,2GM,3GM,3GMD,3HM
(Will fit 1GM10 and 1GM if 10mm is cut off the end to make body 20mm long)
Size: zinc body, dia 20mm, length 30mm
. . Stud: thread 8/1.25mm, length 11mm
Wt. 68g . . Order code YN-27Z . . Price £11.70
(Can also be fitted where 37 or 55mm length is specified and to replace others
with 8mm stud but larger 23 or 30mm diameter body)

4LHA-HTE, 6LP etc . . The anodes can be unscrewed from the bushes.
Both parts of the small assembly are the same as our standard CME-1
Ask for anode length CME-1E (38mm) for 6L or CME-1F (32mm) for 4L . Price £3.60

The larger bush (7/8" across the flats) is likely to have a fine pitch 7/16" UNF
thread for the anode . . Special 5/8" x 1.5" anodes can be made from rod stock but
Preferably replace the complete assembly with CME-2/40 die cast anode at £4.51
together with a CME-2 bush at £8.77 . . These have 7/16" UNC anode threads)

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